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Cromwell was a 1970 film starring Richard Harris as the eponymous, and Alec Guiness as Charles I. Massive in scale and ambition, in its attempt to present Oliver as a democratic hero of the people. Does it manage it? Also… the Poll!

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An alternative to watch….

The Devil’s Whore, Channel 4

A 4 part TV drama from the point of view of Angelica (sangela Riseborough) focusing on the a group of people who start out radicals determined to free their country from tyranny, but end up in different places. For Angelica, it becomes a personal drama and a search for meaning in a world of sudden apparent opportunities; Cromwell (Dominic West) tries o re-establish stability and order after the chaos. Edward Sexby (John Simm) tries to assassinate the man he thinks has betrayed the revolution. It’s a great and colourful watch, and much more successful in building believable characters in extraordinary times.





15 thoughts on “HiT Cromwell

  1. Ohhh David….”there are some great English actors”…in Cromwell…..
    Timothy Dalton is of course Welsh. I used to think that Alec Guiness was Scottish…but now know he is/was English…thanks Wikipedia

  2. It’s not like you ignore Ireland, but in the context of the times when the film was made it seems like a clear finger in the eye of the Irish.

    1. They simply duck it I think, and in the context of the times probably a very good decision!

  3. All the forthcoming episodes sound like fun, but it would be great if you and Wolf could do The Death of Stalin. Terrific film.

  4. Good day, Mr.Crowther! I began listening to this programme about a month ago on a whim, wishing to hear about the Anglo Saxons, and now I’ve caught up so that we are on the threshold of the Civil War. I want to commend you on your presentation skill, the entire back catalog was a delightful ride, and while mucking about in the early modern age has made me yearn for a cry of ‘Henry, England, and Saint George’ being Canadian as I am, this period is not something I’ve ever received a formal education on and is, in that regard, fascinating. At any rate, I’m simply salivating for new episodes now and commend you once again on a wonderful show. Keep your stick on the ice! ✌

    1. Hello Robert and thank you! It seems an utter absurdity that I should have so much fun writing all this stuff and that people actually listen to me driveling on! But yes! The great challenge lies ahead, and I shall try not to fumble. Though – given how much there is to say, we might all be dead before we get out to the Restoration – you have been warned!

  5. So I see there was another theatrical film on this subject, to Kill a King, which came out in 2003. I haven’t yet seen it, but apparently it takes quite a bit of license with history. Tim Roth plays Cromwell, Rupert Everett is Charles I.

  6. Hello David. Enjoyed your recent Cromwell podcast. I watched the movie today for the first time in 40 years. Oh dear! It hasn’t aged well. I laughed out loud at the war room scene with the little flags on blocks. Not sure if it reminded me more of the Battle of Britain or that famous scene from Downfall. Keep up the good work.
    PS. I tried to watch The Devil’s Whore but unfortunately it’s not available here in Australia.

    1. No it really hasn’t – definitely from a day gone by, and yes the little blocks scene was good wasn’t it!!? I should have mentioned that. Downfall is a film we should do – loved that. And yes, Death of Stalin – I am commissioned.

  7. Based upon the overwhelmingly unenthusiastic rec from your podcast, I watched this film with Mr. Aliki last night. And we loved it! Richard Harris continual shouting and frothing was a hoot. The music was so odd (Did Puritans have hymns like that?) but the costumns were delightful. Alec Guinness asking for his hat back made me laugh but he likely needed to wear it at dinner. Did men wear hats at dinner in 1640 as shown? Maybe so but it looked odd to me. The battle scenes showing a lot of milling about while smaller pockets of people were fighting seems to follow what I understand battle to be like from your THoE pod. I never would have known about this film but for you and Wolf. Thanks!

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