Henry Stuart

Henry Stuart’s death as eldest so and heir of James I & VI Henry gives us one of those great ‘what if?’ moments in history, like the death of Arthur Tudor. Zachery of Drinks with Great Minds in History tells us what we missed

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6 thoughts on “Henry Stuart

  1. As one who has lived here for 17 years, I can tell you that the Richmond, Virginia suburb is hen-RYE-ko County, not hen-REE-ko.

    1. Thank you for sharing, I would have to dig deeper into my Virginia history to really say for certain, but I wonder if the pronunciation has changed since the region’s original settlement.

      Either way. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers

  2. I am curious as to why Zach attributes Ben Jonson’s poem on the death from the plague of his oldest child (Benjamin, the child of his right hand) to a connection with Prince Henry. Jonson wrote a masque for Henry, the Barriers, in 1609 but his folio includes no mention of the recently deceased Henry at all.

    1. Hi Margaret – I’ll pass the commen =t back to Zach, and see what he says…and hi by the way! Haven’t forgotten Madge…

    2. Apologies. I would have to really go back into my notes to see why, but I should have instead said that that the Historian I was referencing used it as way to capture England’s loss of Henry.

      My apologies for the confusion, caused by my writing. I must have mixed up my Jonson notes with Eulogy notes, as that was simply meant to be the historian “eulogizing” Henry Frederick.

      Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed. Cheers

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