Three Ravens and Yorkshire

Martin and Eleanor from The Three Ravens Podcast explore the history and folklore of Yorkshire.

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Eleanor and Matin discuss folk traditions across England for the day, including the Bideford Foot Race, then dig into the stories of England’s largest county – from the Harrying of the North and the Pilgrimage of Grace to Mother Shipton, the mysteries of the Wold Newton Triangle, and much, much more.

After that, it’s time for the main event: Martin’s telling of The Displaying of Supposed Witchcraft, an account of fairies heard during a witch trial at York Assizes in the 1640s.

The Three Ravens is an English Myth and Folklore podcast hosted by award-winning writers Martin Vaux and Eleanor Conlon. Released weekly, each episode focuses on one of England’s 39 historic counties, exploring the history, folklore and traditions of the area. Then, and most importantly, Martin and Eleanor take turns to each week tell a new version of an ancient story from that county – all before discussing what that tale might mean, where it might have come from, and the truths it reveals about England’s hidden past…

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