Ridley Scott’s long awaited latest epic; a ‘character study’ of one of the most influential figures of European history, who reshaped a continent. It has been accompanied by furious debate, criticism, praise and confusion. Henry, Wolf and David rushed to see it, and to chat about it.

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2 thoughts on “Napoleon

  1. Thanks, David, Wolf and Henry, for giving a perfect review – I.e. one that tells me whether I would like to see the movie. I clearly wouldn’t.
    I have seen the French silent film about Napoleon and thought it was great.
    It’s rather sad, how little improvement to film quality that sound, color and CGI actually make.
    Speaking of history in technicolor, have you reviewed Spielberg’s Lincoln, or a favorite of mine, the more recent version of The Alamo (with Dennis Quaid and some excellent Spanish-speaking actors)? Would love to hear your views. Thanks for these episodes!

    1. I have been very tempted by the Alamo for some time; I have an image in my mind of the black and white version I saw when I was young, and a comnparison might be fun; along with the fact that I think there’s a much changed historiography about that war is there not? I could be wrong!
      I should say, by the way, that we did have a perfectly goodevening’s entertainment with Napoleon. Not sure I’d do it twice,but ionce was fine!

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