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For those of you who also subscribe to the HoE podcast feed this may be a redundant post. I am attempting to reach all subscribers and members to keep you all informed.

Our dear friend and podcaster David has fallen ill and is postponing future episodes of The History of England for the next couple of months. We expect him to return to the microphone and be creating new material come spring.

All features and media will continue to be available to members on the History of England website. Any future media will be immediately made available upon its release.

70 thoughts on “A History of England announcement - Members Only

  1. Very sorry to hear this news. Sending thoughts of wellness and peace across the pond to David. I will continue to listen to old podcasts as I really cant go for weeks without his voice! There is a treasure trove of recordings here.
    -Dina M

  2. Wishing David and family all the best at this difficult time. As another listener said, we will be here when David returns!

  3. No the news I was looking for . Get well , take your time . We aren’t gonna leave you . Look forward to hearing you are well .

  4. We all wish him the best, and our thoughts go out to his family and friends too. Fingers and toes all crossed for him. Will go back to the beginning, since there is nothing more soothing than the sound of his voice, his hopeless foreign accents and his silly dad jokes!

  5. Get well soon David. If it’s the rough end of the pineapple I hope it works itself out. (Terrible joke!)
    Seriously though, take all the time you need. Yours is the voice that got me hooked on podcasts and I can’t thank you enough. History and your loyal audience will both be here to welcome you on your return.

  6. Very sorry to hear this.The first podcast I look for every week…. Get well soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart, David. I will wait however long it takes for you to feel better and resume podcasting, since your podcasts have been a wonderful addition to my life for over five years. Sending you and your family all the best from Chatham (Ontario, Canada…our settlers weren’t the most creative of people)

  8. David, I will add my voice to all those wishing you the very best. Will continue my subscription no question. Take all the time you need, we will still be here for you. Thank you Jesse for the message. As Ringo says, Peace and Love! from Kathy in San Diego, CA

  9. If this was simply a ruse to finally secure my subscription to The History of England, it was a success. In fact, I would prefer it was, in fact, a naughty trick. Please get well soon.

      1. So it was all a ruse? Sounds like a medieval battle tactic to me… Get better soon, David – Lana & I need you at full health for our HoE Podcast Tour! 🙂

  10. Get well soon David but absolutely no work pressure or stress until you are 100% fit &well

    Thinking of you & the family
    Best Wishes


  11. David, wishing you a fast recovery and thinking of you and your family. I’ve spent so many happy hours on walks, listening to your podcasts. Thank you for all of them! Looking forward to hearing you again in the spring, but as John says, no work pressure or stress until you are ready. Nicola

  12. David

    So sorry to hear that you are unwell. I discovered HoE in February and by April I had listened to ALL the episodes. As I am 70, I am now listening to them all again as I have forgotten probably 70% of what I heard! I love your voice, your humour (well, most of it), your conscripted professional actors – and most of all the way you make history absolutely fascinating and fun.

    Get well soon, my friend. We all need you!

    Will be thinking and praying for you. Richard

  13. David, Here’s hoping the prognostications are all wrong, and that you’ll be back very soon, more robust than ever. In the meanwhile, please know we are thinking of you and missing you.

  14. I always look forward to your next podcast and will miss hearing your voice as you take whatever time it takes to recover and return to us.
    Wishing you well from West Virginia,
    Libby Musser

  15. Get well soon David. Many thoughts and well wishes to your family. Hope your holidays are good and your health improves rapidly.

  16. You have entertained us so often with stories of courage overcoming adversity – there was no need to demonstrate.
    All the best for a speedy recovery, David.

  17. Best wishes for a speedy recovery David. Been with you since about Podcast 4, you’re a (lovely) fixture in my life. Go well.

  18. I’m so sorry to hear of your illness! I hope you have a quicker than expected recovery. Wishing you and your family the best.

  19. David, you did a very kind thing for me about a year ago when things were rough. I hope I can return the favor by renewing my membership this year. Take care of you and we’ll be here when you get back.

  20. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, David. Thank you for so many hours of engaging content. All the best and I hope to hear you again soon!

  21. Get well soon David! Please know that your listeners across the pond are wishing you a quick and complete recovery. I look forward to every new podcast <3

  22. Hi David
    Greetings from down under. I have been an engaged listener and member for a while waiting patiently to get to the 1700s. Voyages of Cook etc, Selfishly wishing you good health and a speedy recovery. Love your work!

    1. Thanks Craig. Things are getting better, so with a bit of luck I’ll be back in harness. Cook though…quite a long way away…!

  23. I’m glad to see you are well enough to read and reply to comments. I hope you are fully recovered soon and look forward to the continuation of the HoE and Shedcasts as and when you are up to it

  24. This is doubly upsetting. One, because the podcast brings me weekly joy. Two, because over the years I’ve come to think of David as a friend, albeit one who doesn’t hear my voice as much as I hear his. Hoping for a speedy recovery from Rochester, Minnesota. Take the time you need; we love the podcast, but we worry about you more.

  25. I have waited to comment until I saw signs of finger-wiggling from you, David. So glad that you are able to read our messages, because it must lift your spirits no end to feel all the good will streaming toward you from all over the globe. I write from Northern California to say rest up, get well, and follow the doc’s orders. Don’t try to come back earlier than you should. Relapses are never fun, and we can all review the territory you have so wonderfully covered over the past few years — perhaps we’ll even be able to pass a quiz or two on various subjects. Or not! Best wishes. Leanne (PS it really is Margaret Poole not Margaret de la Poole)

    1. Thanks Leanne. I feel I want to slip a couple of episodes out I already have written though as you say I really should wait. But I’d like people to know I am still here so I’ll warn folks there’ll then be back to gaps.

      The support has been INCREDIBLE. Heartwarming, funny, supportive, words cannot express how much it has meant to me.

  26. Leanne again. Sorry for misspelling. Margaret Pole, not Poole (or de la Pole). I’m listening to the 15th C again — so much easier to deal with than the newspapers of today! Keep getting better.

  27. Great to hear you feeling better. I look forward to hearing your podcast again but first, recover completely.

    1. Good idea! I did suggest to one of the doctors that maybe they might like to taste one of my stools samples in the traditional manner. Didn’t go down well.

  28. Just getting caught with my podcasts and discovered the news.
    Just wanted to join in the sympathies already expressed.

  29. Hi David, been listening to your work for quite a while now, and after getting the notice from the tour company today, I thought I would come be and wish you well.
    I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery, and I hope the humble donation I sent earlier today can be of use to you and your closest in this trying time.

    1. Hi Christian, and thank you so much for your donation – about which there was nothing humble! You are very generous, thank you, and I am so sorry about the Tour uncertainty.

  30. David, so sorry to hear of your illness. Please take it easy, we have hours of podcasts to enjoy without you exhausting yourself. Our membership is worth it for the privilege of access to this. BW John

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