A History of England announcement - Members Only

For those of you who also subscribe to the HoE podcast feed this may be a redundant post. I am attempting to reach all subscribers and members to keep you all informed.

Our dear friend and podcaster David has fallen ill and is postponing future episodes of The History of England for the next couple of months. We expect him to return to the microphone and be creating new material come spring.

All features and media will continue to be available to members on the History of England website. Any future media will be immediately made available upon its release.

28 thoughts on “A History of England announcement - Members Only

  1. Very sorry to hear this news. Sending thoughts of wellness and peace across the pond to David. I will continue to listen to old podcasts as I really cant go for weeks without his voice! There is a treasure trove of recordings here.
    -Dina M

  2. Wishing David and family all the best at this difficult time. As another listener said, we will be here when David returns!

  3. No the news I was looking for . Get well , take your time . We aren’t gonna leave you . Look forward to hearing you are well .

  4. We all wish him the best, and our thoughts go out to his family and friends too. Fingers and toes all crossed for him. Will go back to the beginning, since there is nothing more soothing than the sound of his voice, his hopeless foreign accents and his silly dad jokes!

  5. Get well soon David. If it’s the rough end of the pineapple I hope it works itself out. (Terrible joke!)
    Seriously though, take all the time you need. Yours is the voice that got me hooked on podcasts and I can’t thank you enough. History and your loyal audience will both be here to welcome you on your return.

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart, David. I will wait however long it takes for you to feel better and resume podcasting, since your podcasts have been a wonderful addition to my life for over five years. Sending you and your family all the best from Chatham (Ontario, Canada…our settlers weren’t the most creative of people)

  7. David, I will add my voice to all those wishing you the very best. Will continue my subscription no question. Take all the time you need, we will still be here for you. Thank you Jesse for the message. As Ringo says, Peace and Love! from Kathy in San Diego, CA

  8. If this was simply a ruse to finally secure my subscription to The History of England, it was a success. In fact, I would prefer it was, in fact, a naughty trick. Please get well soon.

  9. Get well soon David but absolutely no work pressure or stress until you are 100% fit &well

    Thinking of you & the family
    Best Wishes


  10. David, wishing you a fast recovery and thinking of you and your family. I’ve spent so many happy hours on walks, listening to your podcasts. Thank you for all of them! Looking forward to hearing you again in the spring, but as John says, no work pressure or stress until you are ready. Nicola

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