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  1. Hi David,

    Not necessarily the place for this, being the Margaret podcast, but just to say I have been relistening to the whole podcast over the last few months (currently on Henry VI – not England’s finest moment) and just thought that, if you were ever trying to come up with potential Shedcasts, early historiographies would be fascinating, at least to me. It’s something that I had thought you had always done, but, on the rerun, I now realise that you only began the process with Richard or John, or someone thereabouts. I’ve always found it fascinating how the history of the time of the historians colours the history – something particularly relevant with Henry VI, which is what made me think of it. I know it’s something kind of out of time now, but an episode or so on the historiography of Alfred the Great, Ethelred the Unready, Henry II or Billy the Conk would be something that I, at least, would be really interested in, and it would fill a gap in the earlier episodes. Just a thought, and no need (ever) to take me seriously.

    Take care and hope that things are improving – I know that you will do the walk when you are able.

    Take care and best wishes,


    1. Hi Anthony and I totally agree about the historiography thing; it’s every bit as fascinating as the history itself. They are quite hard to do, and certainly I have to be in the period, and it took me a while to get started – not sure I can go back, but I will bear your suggestion in mind. When I went back to re-do the Anglo Saxon ones I thought I had done one of the Adeventus Saxonum, but you might be right, maybe not Alfred.

  2. Hi David,

    Yes, I think you’re right – you did do it in the Anglo-Saxon ones, and then there’s a gap before picking up again. Quite understand that it’s a lot of work though, and was (as ever) only a suggestion! Quite understand that it would be a lot of work and, as you say, you’re well out of the period now.

    Thanks for responding and all else that you do!

    Best wishes,


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