4 thoughts on “Margaret Omnibus 7 EPs 19-21 - Members Only

  1. I’ve always had a fascination with Margaret. I think the players and movers behind the kings and queens are more interesting then the top of the line (Thomas Cromwell!) I started listening to the first couple podcasts of her story and realized that we are going to spend alot of time with her. I have been downloading the Omnibus so when you finish her story I’ll listen to it all at once. Thank you as always for all you do to entertain us while teaching us at the same time. Is this the last episode in the series?

    1. Thanks William – and hope you are well! I hope it’s interesting; there’s all the political stuff of course but it was fun digging into how great magnates fulfilled their social role

  2. So interesting! I love these extended bios. Looking forward to the next. One thing. At some point you say Anne de Beaujeu was regent for her son, but actually she was regent for her BROTHER. Anne only had one child, daughter Suzanne, to survive infancy and Suzanne’s health was very bad. Sorry, I’m very pedantic. Looking forward to more of your work! In the last 1/2 month I’ve listened to the History of England, the Shedcasts and the 3 bios, so I think it’s off to Scotland next!

    1. Thanks, really glad you’ve enjoyed them; and thanks for being a member. Hope you enjoy the history of Scotland

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