Members’ Technical Support

Hi Members all. Here is your technical support page. Please use the page to

  • Post any problems you are having – please post them as comments to this page and Jesse and I will  respond. Please make sure you also provide, if relevant:
    • The type of device you are using
    • The operating system (Windows, iOS etc)
    • How you are accessing Shedcasts, and the name of the podcatcher if you are using one
  • View FAQs to solve the problem yourself
  • Access links to other support available

At any time you can email me at

Frequently asked questions

The shedcast feed to my mobile device has stopped working. What do I do?

  • Check the URL you are using. It should be
    You do NOT need the ‘www.’ bit. Usually it’s not a problem if you do use www, and it will redirect fine, but on some occasions with some podcatchers it seems to cause a problem.
  • Sometimes for unaccountable reasons podcatchers periodically seem to ask you to re-enter your credentials – username and password.
  • If your username and password seem to stop working, delete the feed in your podcatcher completely and start again.
  • If your username and password STILL doesn’t work, then go to the website login page and select the lost password process. Then return to your podcatcher and try again.

I have tried the lost password process and it doesn’t work for me. I either don’t get an email after I have entered my details, or a weird message saying my reset link is invalid

Go back and try one more time. This time, at the log in page, try this:

  • press Function F5 (on some machines this is CNTRL+F5 at the same time) before trying to log in to try and clear any caching.
  • Try the process with your email first, and if that doesn’t work, then try it again with your username.
  • Check your spam in email if you don’t see the password reset email

If neither of these work then you may have forgotten the email you used to sign up with or your username. So, email me on, and I will send these to you.

Finally, if all this fails email me again and I will send you a new password. But it’s better for you to manage your own if possible then you can change it at will.

Other useful links 

There is advice on downloading members only shedcasts here: How to download shedcasts

There is a podcast and Shedcast schedule here so you can check what should be appearing in your podcatcher.

You can also see a list of the members’ shedcasts in the member’s area


12 thoughts on “Members’ Technical Support

    1. Hi Mike – Just in case my email gets caught by your spam filter, I have sorted this. Please have a look at your email which will explain what I have done so you can keep access. Good luck. David

  1. Just became a member. I love the podcast and I’m trying to convince my family members to join. This is very educational and funny. As an American I love hearing the English phrases (houly) although I frequently have to google things. Keep going!

  2. Hah, I’ve been trying for days, and I finally asked and 5 min later I figured it out in BeyondPod. Nevermind!

    1. Ain’t that the way of it? Not sure how many times I’ve had to say to the person coming to fix my coimpouter ‘huh, it works now…’

  3. My Facebook feed hasn’t worked for the past 36 hours or so. Have you removed me or is it a Facebook issue? (I can see from the website that there are new posts – I’m just not receiving them).

    1. Not we have definitely not removed you! How could I do such a thing! Not sure what this has happened – I’ll ask the group

  4. Hey David, I actually need to change payment methods since I’m getting rid of a credit card. How would I go about doing that? Would it be easier to just cancel and I’ll re-signup?

  5. I’m sorry, but I tried to become an annual member and was rejected. It claimed my Discover card was not supported. I don’t know what I did wrong. I have used the same card for numerous things online. I am disappointed.

    1. Hi Yvonne, and as you can imagine, I am even more disappointed than you are! I am rather at the mercy of the organisations (Stripe, PayPal) that manage all the technicalities of the card financial transactions. I assume they don’t accept that type of card for some reason. If you can bear it there are other ways; a Paypal account if you have one, or probably simplest is Patreon, which is at

      I hope you do manage to join up, and if not, then I am sorry.

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