Series Structure for the History of England

I have what is, hopefully, glad tidings. You can now access the History of EnglandĀ  in series organised by period. This is a function available through Apple Podcasts – I’ve not found other podcatchers that do it.

Why is this good? Well it means that you could decide you just want to listen to the Wars of the Roses for example. Now that’s easy; you’d go straight to Series 4, and start listening to the 50 epsiodes between 1399 and 1485. The first episode in the series gives you an overview- but you can also see the handy chart below.

I hope you find this useful. I had to tag every blessed episode…could be up there as one of the must mind-numbing thing I have ever done!

3 thoughts on “Series Structure for the History of England

  1. Thank you so much An amazing site, All AS England is here !!
    I am trying to locate the reference pdf you mention in your 2.1 podcast but cant locate it, please help

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