The Ladybird matching quiz

Richard IAs you all know, the Ladybird history books, and especially their images, were a major inspiration for me. They also constituted the vast majority of my research for my degree course. Here then is the ultimate quiz – see if you can match the Ladybird image to the historical character.

There are no prizes, no public acclamation – simply a deep sense of personal satisfaction when you get an answer right.

You can do this quiz as many times as you like.

36 thoughts on “The Ladybird matching quiz

    1. Sorry Dave – don’t know what happened there. I have just done it, and I m forced to say that it worked for me…it will annoyingly give you an ‘incorrect’ if you get any wrong in a question..

    2. Same problem here, I even did the quiz again and double checked, but it swapped 2 of the pictures

  1. Lovin your work Mr C..though obviously theres sonething seriously wrong with the quiz with me scoring 21 out of 24. The folks in the bed are clearly richard of york anf margret of anjou..though surprisingly i couldn’t get the answers to fit. On a serious note..what a trip down memory lane…all you need do now is quote from Looking at History and i could die happy

    1. Your’re an easy man to please Tony…I’ll look it up so you can shuffle off the mortal coil as you choose!

  2. Boo hiss …I only got 21, my excuse is my parents forced me to read
    “Look and Learn” magazine rather than ladybird!

  3. Aw, c’mon…I’m from the colonies. I’ve never even seen a Ladybird book, sadly, and my score reflects that deficit.

  4. Fun! I took the quiz on my iPhone (also never having seen the Ladybird books before, being from Texas), and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for creating this. 🙂

  5. Born and raised in the US. Never heard of the Ladybird books until started listening the Podcast a while back. Saw the spoof LB books for sale at the shop in Salisbury Cathedral this spring. Big grin. 22/24.

    1. They are good aren’t they – or some of them. Bit of a one trick pony gagwise, but a good idea, especially if you have been steeped in the old Ladybird readers, which were…just…dire…! Unlike the history books of course, which were great

  6. I didn’t do too bad, considering I have never laid eyes on an actual Lady Bird. I totally want that book series!

  7. Curses – got my Edwards mixed up! I thought Edward V was the bloke who got fat at the end after all the pies and mixed him up with dad, Richard of York. But of course Edward V was the poor kid that got disappeared, and Edward IV was his dad on the pies.

  8. 24/24. Not too shabby for an American! Though admittedly I only got the Charleses correct by choosing the Charles with the slightly more modern outfit as Charles II.

  9. Perfect antidote to Virgin train delays, funny what floods back from childhood memories! Thanks for relieving my boredom

  10. Top quiz, and great when you are stuck on a delayed virgin train. Thanks David made me smile and didn’t realise I remembered those ladybird books so well.

  11. That was fun. Just a little mistake to point out. I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned this before but Alfred could not actually be “England’s greatest King” because England didn’t actually exist at the time. No need to thank me for that – I am just happy to help!

  12. I got 24 of 24 and I’m American and have never read or seen The Ladybird Books. I just used by brain and it was like the multiple choice tests I took when I was in school.

  13. I thought that looked familiar! 100%! I see you still haven’t corrected the anachronistic Alfred – King of Wessex question!

  14. Dang it, got Dicky of York and the Kingmaker muddled up. Maybe one devious medieval magnate looks much like another, who knows? Great fun though, and reminded me of the sheer quality of the artwork in those fab little books.

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