92a The Cult of Thomas of Lancaster

Facsimile_e16Medieval man loved their saints. Remember the Anglo Saxons? Saints popping up all over the place. The Martyrdom of Thomas Beckett I suppose is reasonable,  but cult of Simon de Montfort and bit more odd. Edward II, unpopular though he is, also had a period of saintliness. In this episode, Hannah looks at the afterlife of Thomas of Lancaster – how a pretty miserable bloke got a following that saw him as a saint. Hannah looks at the Brut, and how the chronicler subtly positions Lancaster's story to support his new status. 


92a The cult of Thomas of Lancaster by Hannah Kilpatrick


4 thoughts on “92a The Cult of Thomas of Lancaster

  1. Hi, Just thought I’d drop this little bit of encouragement. Hannah, I absolutely loved the podcast. Thanks. Do you do any podcasting of your own? If not, you should; you’re a natural.

  2. Thank you! I don’t, no, because of the whole PhD thing – I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up anything regular enough to keep people entertained, and don’t need that extra pressure. 🙂 Maybe in a few years!

  3. I absolutely loved Hannah’s guestcast – it was wonderful! I know it’s been over 4 years since this was recorded, but I am late to this podcast and doing my level best to catch up. Wonderful insight into the making of saints and the fact that they were very much figures of the present in those days rather than in the distant past. Plus, how often do you get to hear the term “hagiography” in daily life?

    Much love to this wonderful podcast, both past and present!

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