156 Reivers

There's really often little practical difference between what we call politics and some of what we call crime. Essentially it the history of the struggle for power by a bunch of aristocratic families. And a smidgen of life on the Borders. 

156 Reivers


The Borders

The history of the borders between the Scottish wars of independence and 1603, when the Scottish king also took the throne of England, is the story of a closed society that learned to cope with a life of constant danger and violence, and became warped as a result. 

Reiver Families

Steel Bonnet

The Reivers were specialist fighters; trained through experience, The Reivers Jack built for

speed and flexibility. The essential component was the Hobbilar, or Hobby – small light. hardy horse. Then the Jack, the leather jacket, and the Steel Bonnet. Favoured weapons were lance and bow . 

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  1. I wept for Joan. She’s a fanatic but a glorious one. Cheers to your daughter for her excellent reading!

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