217 The Cardinal’s Hat

Wolsey & the Cardinal's HatBeing made a Cardinal in 1515 gave Wolsey the perfect opportunity to give the vainglorious side of his nature full reign. He made full use of it.

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We have three topics in today’s episode; Henry and his attempt to mobilise Europe against the French; Catherine and her changing attitude, with a suspicion of weariness creeping in. And then thirdly, we have a weekly word from Mary Campbell, about given names of the period – such as Anne, Mary and Catherine.

If you want to know more of Mary, the author of our ‘weekly’ word hop along to www.annagrammatica.com 

8 thoughts on “217 The Cardinal’s Hat

  1. Oy. I hated this episode, absolutely hated it. As it ended, I threw down my cap (as opposed to Wolsey’s) and trod on it fiercely.

    Poor episode. Not its fault: I’ve been mainlining the History of England podcast and its Anglo-Saxon brother for the last four months, and after about 235 combined episodes, including specials, my MP3 player refused to go forward in time and retrieve the next couple of years worth of episodes.

    “I’d better go become a member” he rejoined…

    1. Jon, this kind of irony is difficult. There I was, sharing a glass or two with my daughter when the ‘I hated this episode’ message came through. It lead to some stressful moments..O h no, Millie, this guy thinks I’m rubbish …’makes sense Dad [ho ho]’…wait hang on maybe he doesn’t…and so on. Anyway, I have seen you join us on the other side…welcome!

  2. Wait. I thought we Yanks were the irony-deficient ones, in need of weekly doses of overcooked liver and onions.
    But I couldn’t resist it as a perfect setup for an incredibly elegant tom-swifty. The kind that MY daughters would give a world class eye-roll while sighing “Dad!”
    You will like this, though. While driving to a rehearsal last night, I was playing an episode of the history of Scotland and daughter #3 said, “This is like listening to history told by Terry Pratchett.
    There can be no higher praise.

    1. Darn, true, rumbled, bang to rights and all that. Thin skin, you see. And double darn, I missed the Swifty! “Well played”, he shot back.
      I have to say that I do not think I have had a compliment that fine. Terry Pratchet? And for the Histories of Scotland?! Give your daughter a clap on the back or whatever is a suitable form of congratulation, from me!

  3. (only catching up now)
    The naming laws section reminded me of some of the odder names found in the WWI Canadian military files (being digitized gradually). Among the nearly half a million files are four people whose given name was “Captain,” 53 “Major,”s and 2 “General” none of which had that rank. The four “Captains” were three Privates and a Corporal for instance. Also one given name that is a swear word and is difficult to search for because of the filter on the search mechanism

    1. Ha! How interesting – so a private who decided (or whose parents decided?) he should get a proper rank? Very good!

  4. I am shocked to hear that in October 2016 England renewed war with France (by proxy of course through the Swiss)! I knew the English and French had a long history but wow still going ay? I guess the American press missed this in flood of our eventful 2016 election coverage

    I jest of course. But I indeed had to listen back a few times thinking my mind was playing tricks. Nope. A little slip of the tongue that brought a bit upon a of chuckle. I suppose one can forgive a few slip ups in 200+ episodes. Besides you never know when England and France might start up their eternal rouge. Lol!

    Thanks for all the hard work making history so interesting and relatable. While still recognizing that while we learn from history we can’t ignore that with time people, beliefs and society change. Thus we must always try and see history as it was seen by those living it. Keep up tue great work!

    (Sorry for commenting on a episode so far behind but I’ve been binging for weeks to catch up )

    Thank you again! Truly enjoy the podcast and hope to be able to join the group so I can enjoy the history of Scotland one day. But such things are not currently financially viable. I guess you could say im more a Henry VII than VIII if they were not royalty of course and trying to keep a tight budget)


    1. Hi Courtenay, and I must have done that more than once I should think! Thank you for the kind words – thankfully it’s also a joy for me so we are all winners!

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