234 Pilgrimage of Grace I

It is not true to say that Henry died a Catholic without the Pope. The 1530’s were a time of increasing doctrinal confusion which together with the attack on monasticism brought forth a bellow of┬ádistress.

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13 thoughts on “234 Pilgrimage of Grace I

  1. Awfully sorry about the Ashes thing old boy. Better luck next time. On the bright side, Stark has given you the ball of the new century so you can now put that Warne thing to rest.

    1. Tony, how lovely to hear from you, and thank you so much for your good wishes…[where’s that gritted teeth emoji…]

  2. Having said that, we would love to have Bairstow, Vince and Malan in our team. We currently have your turncoat Kevin Peiterson on tv in the local 20/20 comp describing a spinner as being faster that Broad.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Ah the lovely Kevin! A stormy relationship, and part of our long held strategy of stealing players from any other nation we can find with the weakest of excuses to bolster our inadequacies. *sigh* Joe Root was a disappointment. It was all a disappointment. Never mind, I’ll keep watching Rugby Union instead.

    1. Well obviously we’d be on your side if it was a question of banning the All Blacks as essentially a form of cheating.

  3. Having now listened to a number of history podcasts, I have come to understand just how good yours is. You don’t sound like a robot, which is a good thing, but seems to have escaped the imagination of almost all the other history podcasters. Your mix of humility, humour and research combines to make it even more entertaining that the history of Rome. I know that is a big call but I will clear away that soppyness with the next sentence. It will be 40 degrees in Sydney today plus humidity. The scars we will leave on Root, Broad and Anderson will never heal. We are going to bat until they beg for water and then we are going introduce them to Mr Lyon and Mr Stark.

  4. That was a little bit harsh. We don’t want to do permanent harm to the Englishmen as we like them a little bit and we feel sorry for the barmy army. A near death experience will do.

    1. It’s fine! Well you know, you crush us now, you’ll come over here full of over confidence and we will duly crush you, and we can both have our day! Anyway, while you are peppering your comments with compliments on my podcast as pretty as those, you can pretty much say anything you like about English Cricket…

      1. When I was talking about the heat I had no idea that your captain would be completely debilitated by it and sleep through the end of the game in a semi comatosed state. That was unfortunate. We will struggle in England but Lords is always good to us and we have rising stars while yours are falling. It will be a very good series. I might even save up and come and watch a game while visiting my aunt in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. You have such cool place names. I have no idea why we and the Kiwis argue about who has the most inappropriate liking for sheep when you have names like that.

        1. Hmm, yes not the best series for England. Ah well. Actually, ,the Welsh are also part of that conversation; and to be honest I thought all 3 had lost interest in that conversation in the light of the scale of the Australia relationship with Wallabies. None the less, let me know and I will also seek out a local Ramsbottom on which to hang bunting to celebrate your arrival!

          1. Not sure I get the references there with the Welsh. I think the Scots beat the Wallabies recently. I live in a pretty harsh area where anything that moves that is not a sheep, a Kelpie or a respectable looking human is shot on site. Wallabies are slightly safer than foxes and rabbits, but doomed none the less. LGBT people have an area of around 1 square Km in the centre of town that they cannot safely leave (and this concession of a reservation is considered to be proof that we are not prejudiced). Aboriginal people, ice addicts and Sudanese refugees get to share another reservation a few Km to the west of town.
            Ah I think I might have got it. Lancashire is a place you consider to be part of Wales?

          2. Now I think I’m most confused! Must be a cultural ting. But no Lancashire is definitely in England, fortunately.

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