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We discuss the intricate and fascinating  story of Mary Queen of Scots and the new 2018 movie – along with the 1971 movie too. A chance to see how the our mores and filmmaking  have moved on

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6 thoughts on “HiT Mary Queen of Scots

  1. Great episode. Any plans to review The Favourite? I watched it the other day and was curious about the political battle over suing for peace with France. Was there a clear cut answer as to which side was correct? etc So I came here to try and find the answer…

    1. Hi Yoshi and we have been asked but I think we missed the boat – I really enjoyed the movie. I am ashamed to say though that my knowledge of the period is very weak, although I did read Churchill’s biography of his ancestor Marlborough (John Churchill) many years ago. I’m not sure there was a correct side; there was a peace party and a war party I think. Sarah Churchill kept the money flowing for John Churchill’s army until she fell from grace and then I think peace was made. The war of course was to restrict the growth of Louis XIV’s ambitions.

  2. Thank you for replying. I should have known there wouldn’t be a clear cut case of right or wrong, there rarely is!

    1. Think of the number of historians who would be out of work if it was easy! That is the fun of it all…

  3. David – I recently saw the 2018 movie and was entertained- but felt the meeting between Elizabeth and Mary with all the hanging curtains and drawn out dialogue was kinda weird … thoughts?

  4. It’s a little thing, but it bothered me right from the start of the movie, that Mary spoke with a Scottish accent. She had been raised at the French court and if speaking English would have had a French accent, not Scottish. Too picky?

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