307a Renaissance Warfare by Ben Jacobs


Ben Jacobs talks about how the demands and costs of Renaissance warfare changed the nature of Europe for ever

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Wittenberg to Westphalia Podcast

Ben Jacobs is the host behind the Wittenberg to Westphalia podcast. The project includes the entire Early Modern Period of European History, starting with an introduction to the geography of Europe and the way its residents lived in the Middle Ages. From there, the podcast will cgo on to over the events of the Protestant Reformation and their geopolitical context, the wars that resulted, and their impact upon people caught up in events. Also touched on will be changing technology, the role of women, class, the economy, the military revolution, and many many other things.

Visit the Wittenberg to Westphalia website to and find out more = or just find Ben’s podcast on any podcatcher and give it a go!



5 thoughts on “307a Renaissance Warfare by Ben Jacobs

  1. Well I thought it very interesting but the speed of hi delivery was too much for me. I just couldn’t keep up with him!

    I much prefer your more relaxed delivery style David.

  2. I usually listen to podcasts on 1.5x speed…CANNOT do this with David lol which is why the relatively brief episodes are great

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