321a The Bagpipes of Freedom by Mike Corradi


A tale of an unlikely British hero in 1945 from Mike Corradi of A History of Italy podcast

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3 thoughts on “321a The Bagpipes of Freedom by Mike Corradi

  1. Enjoyed the podcast. Did it take more courage to charge armed, fortified German troops or to parachute in a kilt?

  2. Australians, with the possible exception of airmen in allied squadrons, were not involved with the Italian campaign. The Australian 6th, 7th & 9th divisions were redeployed to the Pacific after the North African campaign. I believe you are confusing the Australian contingent with that of the 2nd New Zealand division who were actively involved throughout the Italian campaign including Monte Casino & Trieste.

  3. Praise the turnip!

    Great job, Mike. You’re definitely very worthy to guest host. I was just sad that there was no post-credits skit, although this one would probably have been bleak.

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