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The 1964 Epic Zulu, first major role for Michael Caine was super popular – I saw it in my youth for sure. So how well has it worn?  Is it a great drama, and in the light of changing attitudes to colonialism and Empire does it still stir the blood, in a good way?

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  1. I had an urge to re-live this film a few months back. It has dated, but MC is still fabulous. What it does serve to underline is that although it is called Zulu, it isn’t about their victory, but the defeat of a few British men, who were actually trespassing on their land. Forgive my inclusion of a rival podcast I came across – I found it very illuminating, should anyone want to know more.

  2. For the interested, there’s a 1979 movie Zulu Dawn that tells the story of the previous day’s battle of Isandlwana. Burt Lancaster etc. good stuff, kinda.
    (also rides a little bit on the success of this one)

    1. I think I might have seen it many moons ago; it got a bit of a panning from film critics I seem to remember, though how anything with Burt Lancaster could be less than magnificent is a mystery to me.

  3. Not only is the flim Zulu a comment on late 19th Century history but also on the attitudes of the sixties as a smug post-war and post-empire nation.

  4. Since you bring up Helm’s Deep, in the Director’s commentary for The Two Towers, Peter Jackson says the best movie for building tension before a battle is Zulu.

    The ABBA song for the British soldiers is Waterloo.

    Cry Harry and St. David!

    1. Yup, I absolutely agree that if there’s one outstanding thing Zulu does its build the tension; did not know Peter Jackson said that!
      As you say, Cry Harry, St David…and St George!

    2. Ridley Scott might agree – the Zulu’s pre battle chanting was used by the Germanic army at the start of Gladiator…did the Germanic tribes have Zulu military advisors?

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