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Members: There are over 22 hours of Shedcasts. They cover all sorts of things usually in English history which fire my enthusiasm. There are topics like Nationalism and its growth in medieval England; lots of biographies, some historiography, and then from time to time we have something a bit less worthy; such as how Henry VIII started a fashion for beards.
Then there’s The History of Scotland 18 hours of listening so far, the history of Scotland from the dawn of time to 1900. And then Britain and the Sea,  an occasional series which add depth and stories to accompany the History of England podcast. And of course new episodes join all the series all the time!

Free podcasts: There is the History of England of course. But why not also try History in Technicolor where Wolf and I talk about history films, or the Things that made England – where Roifield and I talk about the cultural and historical habits and history that male England as she is.

    345 Theatre II: Playwrights

    The University Wits was a term invented by Saintsbury for a group of 6 Elizabethan playwrights. They were not consciously a coherent group but part of a vibrant society of playwrights, actors and writers who made English theatre shine.

    344 Theatre I: The New Playhouse

        The first of three celebratory episodes about English Renaissance Theatre! Talking about dramatic tradition and the new playhouses that begin to appear in London – and the horrifiedRead More

    Hawkwood 12 In Service of the Pope - Members Only

      Hawkwood’s reputation, already riding high from recent victories when he met the Visconti at Montechiari. But soon afterwards, a change in Gregory XI’s policy would  turn the political situationRead More

    JH11 Rising Star - Members Only

    A matter of honour and professional pride? Or a contract negotiation? One of Hawkwood’s greatest victories appears not to ease relationships with the Visconti  

    343 As He Lived in Peace

    While The Buck and Baby Charles warmed themselves on the unfamiliar fires of popularity in their search for war, James was fading. At Theobalds in March 1625 his reign finallyRead More

    342 Spanish Mismatch

      The identity of Mr Wiat’s mysterious traveler is revealed, and London goes potty. Buckingham is confirmed as the Prince’s favourite as well as the king’s – and there’s troubleRead More

    Rights and Commons with the OSS

    England and Wales have extensive networks of rights of way over private land, and some remaining common land – private land over which the public have rights. Where did theyRead More

    341 Knights Adventurer

    In March 1623 Simon Digby noticed two suspicious looking blokes with dodgy beards hanging around outside his uncle’s house in Madrid. He rushed over to find out what they wereRead More

    Hawkwood 9 Against the World - Members Only

      1365-7 were confused years for Hawkwood without a consistent employer, and faced with the Papal anti mercenary league of Urban V – as well as picking up some payRead More

    Hawkwood 8 Cascina - Members Only

    In 1364, Hawkwood received his full command,and took the Pisan armies out to face the opponents at Florence. The results would be …mixed. Good in parts. Could do better.  

    340 Ancient Birthright

    In 1621 James tried to tread a narrow path to peace in Europe – through the instrument of a Marriage between the England and Spanish royal families. To have aRead More

    Hawkwood 7 Pisa - Members Only

    In 1363, Sterz and Hawkwood’s efforts helped bring the Visconti to a reluctant and truculent peace. Ironically they’d just done themselves out of a job. But never mind – theRead More

    339 A Scandal in Bohemia

      As Buckingham acquires wealth and influence, the English court is rocked by an event in far-off Bohemia that will result in devastation throughout Europe. Also there is news ofRead More

    338 Book of Books

    We follow James north to Scotland, a visit with consequences. And on the way south, hear about the culture wars – and the Book of Sports. Then we celebrate, aRead More

    337 The Favourite Favourite

        James VI & I had enjoyed favourites before – Esme Stuart, Robert Kerr for example. But George Villiers was to prove his favourite And we introduce the finelyRead More

    Hawkwood 6 The Vipers of Milan - Members Only

    The Visconti of Milan had risen to power by defeating their local rivals. They constantly sought to use the fabulous wealth of the city to extend their patrimony, often confrontedRead More

    Hawkwood Omnibus 2 EPs 4-6 - Members Only

    The Pope did what many were forced to do with mercenaries – paid them to go away. Sterz took the White Company to northern Italy to fight for Montferrat, andRead More

    335 This Sin of Blood

      News of the Thomas Overbury scandal spread through England to become a national event. How would the scandal affect the image of the court? Much depended on how theRead More

    334 Murder!

    In 1615, Ralph Winwood interviewed Gervase Elwes, Lieutenant of the Tower about the suspicious death of Thomas Overbury. Gervase spilled his guts. The Image on the left is Westminster Hall,Read More

    333 Addled

      With Robert Kerr as the royal favourite there were all sorts of intrigues going on at court – and an outrageous love affair. All the while, James’ parliament ofRead More

    Anne and Elizabeth by Leah Garden - Members Only

    A fascinating relationship – what influence did Anne Cleves have when she befriended the young Princess Elizabeth, and did her example shape England’s future? Transcript This article is by LeahRead More

    332 The Great Contract

      Salisbury makes a last ditch attempt to resolve the problems of royal income. While the success of Robert Kerr at court signals the arrival of a new royal favouriteRead More

    331 Captain Pouch

    Enclosure has a long history in England from the 15th – 19th century. In 1607 ordinary people resisting the destruction of their livelihoods found a leader – Captain Pouch  Read More

    330 John Bates’ Currants

    Although the case for a Great Britain failed to win many hearts, the dual monarchy ended the history of the Reivers at last. But a seemingly small customs dispute aboutRead More

    329 Oaths and Libels

      By the time parliament met again in 1606, James’ government was dominated by the men he laughingly referred to as his ‘Trinity of Knaves’. And the foremost of thoseRead More

    328 Apology, Explosion, Satisfaction

    There’s so much to talk about! James’ first, management-by-irritation of parliament of 1604 and the passive aggressive Apology and Satisfaction right back at him. And – the Gunpowder Treason andRead More

    327 Under New Management

    James quickly established his household with Scots taking a large share, with associated argy bargy. Queen Anne also established her court, which would become a cultural centre  and popular destinationRead More

    37a The English at Drink I - Members Only

      ‘Ale doth comfort the heavy and troubled mind’. The story of the English and their drink to the 18th century; a story of nourishment, fellowship and resistance.  

    326 King of Scots

    By the time James VI came to England in 1603, he had 26 years experience of kingship, and had established his authority in Scotland, and was a self confident ruler,Read More

    325 James and the Historians

    History has treated James roughly – helped by a 17th century hatchet job. But over the last 50 years, there has been much more appreciation of the challenges he faced,Read More