Animated Maps: The Battle of Agincourt

The Battle of Agincourt, October 25th 1415

You can let this animation run at it’s own speed, or click pause and then move the show on as you wish with the ‘next’ and ‘prev’ buttons. Grateful thanks to Andy Flaster and Jonathan Crowther for all the technology stuff. AND find our more, much more, at the podcast episode 146.

5 thoughts on “Animated Maps: The Battle of Agincourt

  1. Who and how was the field of battle decided? Also assuming that the map is reading north to south, how any why were the English in the south?

  2. The field of battle pretty much chose itself – to a degree. The English were to the south because they were travelling from south to North, trying to reach the safety of Calais. The French wanted to bring them to battle – so they had to get in their way, i.e. to the north of them.
    When they managed this, the French would have looked to maximise their strength – so looked for good ground for heavy cavalry. Nice and flat. However, the day before, as Henry crosses the river, they draw back to wait for Orleans. maybe it’s this that commits them to the heavy ploughed field.

    1. No. after all this time. *sigh* Thank you Chris I will try to fix it, though after all this time I think I have forgotten how!

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