Anne Boleyn Quiz – the Early Years

Anne Boleyn - the early years

Anne Boleyn again

To celebrate a month Anne and the Scandal of Christendom debate, there are a coupe of quizzes here for you to test your knowledge and skill. This first is about Mistress Anne as it were – Anne before she was married.


You get as long as you like to take the quiz, so you can read the answers to your heart’s content. And you can take it again and again if you really want to, though you maybe ought to go and get on with those jobs you’ve been meaning to do.


Anyway, whatever you do, Good luck!



30 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Quiz – the Early Years

    1. Hmm. Might be that my assessment skills are not great and I am setting the grade boundaries too high. Incidentally, does anyone actually pass Latin given it’s clearly impossible?

      1. Brilliant, can we blame you rather than ourselves? If so, I blame you!! I will have another go. I do think that maybe the multiple choice without it being clear in the rubric that one could pick more than one was tricky. If you like I could introduce you to my very severe colleague, Sue, who could tell you all about test validity, you’d have a ball!

        1. You can! Yes, I used to work for Edexcel, and remember many happy (?) hours being taken through the finer points of standardisation, the requirement to be reliable, valid and fair and so on. Clearly, I was on the sales & marketing side so….but yes! good idea! I will go and add in a message.

    1. Sorry David it mixes the questions up…can you remember the question ? But I can’t spot any wrong ‘uns…

  1. That was fun, and hard! I loved the long explanations, not just a correct answer after. I noticed a small typo if you don’t mind me saying — Chapuys named mis-spelled at the end of the explanation of Anne’s quotes question. Thanks so much!

  2. Silly me, I didn’t realize that there were multiple correct answers. Did better the second time through.

  3. Tough quiz, and I only just listened to the relevant episode this morning! (sorry, I got a bit behind — listened to 5 episodes in the last 2 days, and am still not caught up!) A minor suggestion: maybe you have no choice w/ the software you’re using, but it would make much more sense to report the median score (which satisfyingly enough just happens to be 50% right now) than the mean.

    1. Hi Suzanne. I had to rush back to my textbooks to remind myself of the difference! I’m impressed at you calculation skills, and yes I can see that would be better…but sadly I have checked and it gives me no option.

  4. Question 1, I could not really understand. Semantically, I read it as a double negative because of the word “UNSAFE”. The sentence wasn’t structured like a double negative but my brain refused to process it as anything but…

    There was another question where I was confused about the title Supplication of the
    Beggars. The one that I heard about “Supplication for the
    Beggars” has a title that means something else. Fox was a pretty sarcastic fellow so I wasn’t sure if the some sort of unauthorized version of the said, sort of like Procopius’s secret history of Justian. Most of the questions I just guessed…my bad.

    1. Should clarify something to my remarks about the book title, I thought preambling the question mentioning Fox could’ve been a clue about Fish’s treatise. As I said, question 1 “scrambled my brain”, that and perhaps I have watched too many BBC mystery TV series where nothing is at seems, except the last Sherlock Holmes series (and I don’t mean that as a compliment).

      1. I am genuinely at a loss for words, which doesn’t happen often I have to tell you …my brain has joined yours in scrambled territory!

  5. Listened to all the podcasts and still only managed 46.88% – better than my first effort but not by much. Shameful.

  6. While I’m not exactly proud of my 53.13% score, I think I still did a pretty good job, especially since I haven’t listened to any of your podcasts yet! I’m especially excited to listen to the Tudor period, but I only just discovered them on iTunes. I had to check your Anne Boleyn web pages first because her life has always been truly fascinating to me. I wrote my undergraduate English Literature Honors thesis on the many literary, biographical, and film portrayals of Anne. I was always intrigued by the contrasting ways she was depicted and wondered about the historical context, motivation of the biographers, and how the publication time period (or year the films were released) affected each portrayal. I love that the quiz was very difficult and if I had taken it 3+ years ago, while I was researching my thesis, I think I would have done a lot better!

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