Anne Boleyn Website links

As I have mentioned a few times, there are some brilliant websites out there packed with information; and two of them in particular are from our contributors; Clare Ridgway’s ‘The Anne Boleyn Files” and Natalie Greuninger’s On the Tudor Trail.

Just to give you a simple way into their websites, here’s a simple index for a few topics I’ve referred to along the way. Clearly these are just scratching the surface of their marvelousness, but it’s a place to start!

Topic Anne Boleyn Files  On the Tudor Trail 
Mary Carey (Mary Boleyn) ABF Link OTTT Link
What did Anne look like? ABF Link OTTT Link
Henry VIII’s love letters ABF Link OTTT Link
Henry and Anne love affair ABF Link OTTT Link
George Boleyn’s sexualtiy ABF Link OTTT Link
Anne Boleyn and accusations of witchcraft ABF Link
Who wore yellow on the death of Catherine? OTTT Link
Thomas Wyatt’s poem on the executions ABF Link OTTT Link

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