49a Arrival of the House of Wessex video

My daughter and I thought we’d have a go at doing a video about the early period of the kingdom of Wessex. Someone at one point suggested I upload a photo of myself. This is too hideous a prospect, but there is a 1 second clip of my back walking into a crowd in this video – a special mention on the podcast goes to anyone who can spot who I am, and can explain why my trousers always look the way they do.

Cick here for The Arrival of the House of Wessex

8 thoughts on “49a Arrival of the House of Wessex video

  1. Great video! I love england and all the amazing history. So good to have these videos so we can see what you are refering to, good job!

  2. Brilliant.
    I suspect yer britches (eh, sorry- trousers) look the way they do ’cause you jot down all of your clever ideas upon little scraps of paper, and you stuff the little pieces of paper into your pockets, and then when you run out of pocket space, you fill the rest of yer britches (eh, sorry- trousers) with ’em?
    Or something like that. Oh, and hey- no fair ducking the headshot photo. There’s a photo of ME here in the coin giveaway, fer cryin’ out loud, so you can do no less.
    I for one say call upon our esteemed host to at least let us gaze upon his noble visage at least once.

  3. great video! I’m using your website and podcasts as a bit of a learning project between now and december when my baby is due – catching up on all the loopholes in my history knowledge from school. What wuld be helpfu is if you could include some maps in your videos – and even simple animation (even basic power-point animation with arrows etc) to show sequences of events whilst you’re narrating. I’m hooked! Keep doing your thing!

  4. Hi Ruth
    I’d really love to do more videos, and have the time to make them properly professional. But sadly, there’s just not enough time! Having said that, I’m at the other end of the chid production process to you, with a daughter about to fly the nest and do film production. She’ll be idling about the house for a while – so maybe I’ll get her to do some more… Anyway, thanks for the comments, and good luck with the baby.

  5. That was fabulous! Thank You! I am starved for this kind of content. I love your podcast, your blog spot and now your video(s) – don’t stop! People like me (living in the U.S. and being a huge history nerd) need people like you (able to to go to these sites,generous with your time and studies, and not afraid of details) to help us soak up all that delicious history! Tell your daughter “Thank You” too. She’s a lucky lady.

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