British Civil Wars Maps

A collection of maps to help ypu through the English Revolution and British Civil Wars:

  • England and Wales with battle sites
  • Ireland and battle sites
  • Scotland and battle sites
  • Map of England and Wales showing allegiances between the parties
  • Map of English Counties
  • London Lines of Communication
  • Yorkshire

Also, if you want really zingy maps you can zoom in and out of, go to the History Maps website – they are excellent, really they are, and you get a potted history to boot.






One thought on “British Civil Wars Maps

  1. Thank you for these. I’m in the throes of a genealogy, with an extended family member who, as anMP, was sent to Hull probably because one of his estates was at Elsham, Lincolnshire. He died there buried at St. Mary’s Hull. Such a hard period to grasp..probably because it was in constant flux.

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