Family Trees, 1225 – 1485

Family Trees below are:

  • English royal family, John (1199)-Henry IV (1414)
  • Princes of Gwynedd, 11th – 13th Centuries

Plantagenet to Henry IV (House of Lancaster) 


Plantagenet to Lancaster



The Princes of Gwynedd and Wales

Family Tree of the Princes of Gwynedd
Family Tree of the Princes of Gwynedd


12 thoughts on “Family Trees, 1225 – 1485

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your podcasts and am now up to Episode 79, not bad in two months. I am soon only going to have one a week!
    The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick. A fabulous book about William The Marshall

  2. David, I’m new to podcasts. Really enjoying yours! Into the 50s episodes from a start about six week ago. I was pulling the next family trees from your website. I cannot get the Plantagenets to Lancaster – it’s not loading. Thanks for what you’re doing.

  3. I don’t understand why John of Gaunt wasn’t made king since he was the eldest surviving son of Edward III. Why was that?

    1. Hi Matt. It’s because Edward III’s eldest son was Edward the Black Prince, and descent goes down the senior male line – and although Edward died before the King, he had a son, Richard, who was therefore heir as soon as he was born

    2. He was not the son of Edward lll.the inheritance went not to the oldest surviving son which was Edward (The Black Prince); but his son Richard ll, which includes a tale that The black prince extorted it for his son due to the thought that Edward the lll seduced and slept with Joan of Kent, Edward’s wife years later. She was at 14 and her son Richard inherits.
      I Highly recommend a best selling gothic novel by Susan Howatch The Wheel of Fortune, a nut best seller for years.

  4. Henry IV’s entry is a bit muddled. He wasn’t born in 1399, so his dates should be 1367-1413. And his reign has a typo. Should be 1399-1413. (Henry died on March 20, 1413.) Really enjoying the podcast, though only started listening about a month ago. Hoping to get caught up!

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