Family Trees: Normandy and the Angevins, 1066 – 1225

Family trees below are:

  • 1) Dukes of Normandy from Rollo to Williams
  • 2) The norman monarchs
  • 3) The Angevin Monarch

Family Tree of the Dukes of Normandy


Family tree of the Dukes of Normandy 846-1135




Norman Monarchs of England

Family Tree of the Norman Kings of England


The Angevins

Family tree of the Angevins 1155-1216



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  2. I’m looking to acquire digital images of certain maps and the Angevin family tree. Who should I contact? I understand there may be a fee for use which I am willing to pay.
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  3. Such a useful site. Many thanks!
    Any info on non-religious feast/festival days in 12C UK? Example: May day? Apple/Orchard day in autumn? That kind of social event?

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