Maps: 1471

In 1470, Henry VIth was back on the throne – in what was known as the Readeption. In 1471, Edward IVth landed at Ravenspur to reclaim this throne, while Margaret of Anjou and her son Prince Edward sailed to be with the King.

1471 Campaign 1

1471 Campaign 2

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  1. Hello there,
    I have just volunteered (I know!) to begin to draft up the Playbook for a new game “Plantagenet” by GMT games which is currently in development.
    A Playbook is mainly about the history and background in which the game is set and I am writing to ascertain as to how to gain permission to reproduce your maps and family trees as part of that history. Of course your work would be fully credited “reproduced by kind permission…” etc.
    There are links on the GMT website for examples of other Playbooks, I would suggest that Almoravid and Pendragon will give you an excellent idea as to the guidelines that I shall be following.
    Many thanks,


    1. Hi David and that sounds fun! – if a lot of work. I am very willing for you to have whatever you want; but you will just need to check that I have the copyright. I think it’s reasonably obvious which are mine – the ones with my logo on for sure – but best to check with me first, by emailing me at

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