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Queen Anne


The Second quiz on Anne Boleyn is about Anne’s life from the end of 1532 to her death.




You have as much time as you like to take the quiz, and you can do it again and again if you so desire, though honestly I couldn’t advise it.



Good luck!


18 thoughts on “Queen Anne Boleyn Quiz

  1. I think there may be a problem with the question about which five of the seven people arrested with Anne were executed and which two were released. I chose William Brereton as one of the men who were executed, but it told me that was wrong and that the correct answer was William Carey (who, if I remember my facts correctly, had died of illness some time before Anne’s execution, since Anne banished her sister from court for remarrying.) Just thought I’d let you know so you can hopefully get it sorted out. Thanks!

  2. For some reason when I put in William Brereton it says I answered William Carey..should have got them all otherwise..so it gives me 9 of 10 instead of 10 of 10

    1. Sorry all. Bit weird, the poll was doing something odd. So I have changed it to a multiple choice. Sad.

  3. For some reason, though I chose one answer–the most happy–on the motto, it selected several others in addition…and darn it, I knew the coronation answer, but over thought it.

    1. As it happens there is more than one option; you have helped those who will follow, I’ll add a note to the question.

  4. Great fun, as ever. Thanks. I did a little better than on the previous quiz. I am now going to have a good listen to today’s episode and have a good think before voting that it was Henry. I did find Natalie Grueninger very convincing and I hadn’t realised quite how quickly he married Jane.

    1. Sorry I got my guest contributors confused (appalling really given what an illustrious bunch they are!!) I meant Claire Ridgway. I think I also got my votes confused too, there’s been so much voting going on of late, I don’t know if I am coming or going.

  5. The correct title Henry decided to give to Catherine of Aragon was not “Princess Dowager of Wales” but rather “Dowager Princess of Wales”. In the English Constitution the word “Dowager” always precedes the actual title, in this case Henry was referring to her as the widow of his dead brother when she had been the Princess of Wales whilst married to him, therefore the correct term is Dowager Princess of Wales.

    1. Surprisingly hard work to produce oddly enough! I sit down, after weeks of reading about a topic to think of questions…and my mind goes a complete blank! Anyway, glad you liked it.

  6. I did much better on this one: 89% (also without listening to the podcasts, but that’s what I’m doing next!) Thanks for putting these together, both quizzes were both challenging and fun!

  7. I forgot to mention: I love that you have used Genevieve Bujold’s Anne Boleyn from Anne of the Thousand Day’s. She is by far my favorite on-screen Anne!

    1. So true! And impressive performance on the quiz – I’ve not really got the knack yet of finding the right level!

  8. That’s a very difficult but well researched quiz! I’m about to graduate with my PhD in history in a few months (focusing on England 1537-1540) and I was definitely challenged. Love the use of primary sources!

    1. Thank you! I have realised that I am rubbish at designing quizzes. In fact, I was thrown out of the Village quiz team questions committee for that very reason! Congratulations on the PhD!

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