Thomas More Quiz (Non Members)

Thomas More Quiz (Non Members)

moreholbeinThe Thomas More Quiz

Welcome, all, to the life of Thomas More – saint, brilliant man of the new learning, creator of the ever fascinating Utopia, heretic hunter, man of principle.  482 years ago, he gave his life for those principles, on 6th July 1535.

The History of England Members are having a bit of a commemorative event going on; there’s a Shedcast dedicated to his life and some of the controversies. Was he really quite so saintly? Did he hunt heretics?  For what did he really give his life?

Then, we have a quiz, and a prize draw; the prize is a Henry VIII Halfpenny, struck somewhere between 1526 and 1544. You might ask why I am telling you all of this? Mainly, it’s to make you jealous, and engender a desperate urge to join the Members, the club. I’m sure you really want to, and frankly, it’d be silly not to.  If you do decide to give in to that urge, just hop along to Become a Member. We don’t do the Prize draw until 30th July (sorry, I have some holiday) so you have plenty of time to give in to your urges.

Henry VIII Silver Halfpenny

The Quiz

But I can give you a go at the quiz; it is a short quiz about his life. You’ll probably do better if you have listened to the Shedcast, but never mind you are probably super clever, after all you listen to the History of England so you must be bright. A few things to remember about the quiz…

  • The format is that you get one chance, and one chance only, and you have 10 minutes to cover 10 questions. This is like life, because as you know you don’t get second chances in life. Well, maybe sometimes, but not here on the History of England.
  • When you’ve answered each question, hit ‘Check’ and you will see the answer and some explanation, and then you can go on to the next question
  • At the end of the quiz, the app ends slightly oddly; you arrive at Question 10 (the last question) and you need to then press the ‘Quiz Summary’ Button to get to the last page where you can hit the ‘Finish Quiz’. [Note: don’t hit ‘Quiz summary until you get to the end – it appears to lock you out!]
  • For multiple choice questions, if there is more than one correct answer I will say so in the question

How hard can it be? To find out the answer to that, press ‘start’ and let the games begin. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “Thomas More Quiz (Non Members)

    1. Hurrah! Gutted to say that due to an administrative error. I failed to turn the stats function on. But hope you achieved a whopping score.

    1. Betsy, unfortunately it is not possible for me to know who has scored what. But I can confirm that somebody certainly has comprehensively bombed the quiz. Your conclusion sounds excellent!

    1. sadly I can’t see your score., it’s all anonymous. But I am sure you were magnificent. And if you were not, remember that it’s the taking part that counts.

  1. Got to say my score here is a cheat as I was dire on the member’s quiz so this was my second go some hours later. And I still got stuff wrong. Pathetic, truly pathetic. Enjoyed doing it though. So all non members disregard my score – and if you possibly can, be a member.

    1. Great score though! Even for second time round…and of course, excellent advice about membership…

  2. Nice quiz David. Great idea. I think a person who didn’t get them all correct, but tried really hard should win. That’s a very nice silver halfpenny by the way. Someone who scored around, maybe, 14/20 or something like that. Someone very deserving, but not always fully up to the job. Did I mention that’s a very nice silver halfpenny?

    1. Ha! would that…spookily enough…would that possibly describe you?! I had a lovely comment too from Anna who self deprecatingly and certainly falsely described herself as an ‘old colonial hag’ making a similar pitch. I must of course maintain a regal incorruptibility and judicial impartiality! But if it turns out to be not your day, I will without a doubt be doing more such events so do not despair! And 14/20 ain’t looking too bad…

  3. Sorry David – I should have posted this against the members quiz. See, I don’t get much right at all. That’s a really lovely shiny silver halfpenny – did I mention that?

  4. Nice and challenging. Great marketing tool to make a person recognize the need to become a member of the shed cast! Now, where is that credit card . . .


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