368 A Prince’s Punishments

In 1633 Thomas Wentworth arrived in Ireland - and despite great administrative efficiency, managed to separately outrage each of the components of Irish Society Meanwhile in London, William Prynne and John Lillburne stood form against tyranny.

367 New England

The colonists that traveled to New England were very different to the Chesapeake, and the society they established also very different. For the indigenous peoples, the shock would be every bit as severe.

366 The Chesapeake

Colonisation of the Chesapeake would be driven by its climate and its most successful crop - tobacco, defining the social structure of the colonists and the society they would form, and the impact they would have on the indigenous peoples.

365 The Hub of Empire

'By what right?' In this episode we think about how the early English colonisers viewed their Westward Enterprise, and legitimised their activities. And then turn to the region Eric Williams described as 'The Hub of Empire'. The Caribbean.

364 Before the English Came

The 1630's saw an acceleration of English colonisation in the Americas. What cultures and peoples will they meet when they get there? A horribly brief survey of cultures north of the Rio Grande before the English came.

363 Laud Unleashed

With Parliament banished, there was little restraint on Laud and Charles to implement the reforms they felt were needed to improve the quality of religious observations and the spiritual wealth of all English. Not everyone would approve their efforts.

The Favourite

This 2018 film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos is a glorious tragi-comedy about the lives of three women - Queen Anne, Sarah Churchill and Abigail Hill.  It travels the full spectrum from barking mad to genuinely moving. It is a blast.

361 Charles in Charge

Charles had done the right thing of we wanted to avoid parliaments - reducing costs by making peace. But, how was he to raise money to clear that £2m debt? Well, two words came in to play - many, and various.

The Great Escape

Released in 1963 The Great Escape has got to be one of the definitive tales of derring-do, the ultimate escapism, in the 'film is fun' genre. What role would you have had if you had been there?

360 Charles Abroad

Relationships with the other kingdoms was definitely the royal preserve. But policy options might vary, from favouring the desires of his protestant subjects, to the Spanish faction on the privy Council. But his clout was always hampered by the poor state of the Royal Navy

HiT Chariots of Fire

I remember back in 1981 this film was a sensation; we were all running around on beaches in slo-mo. Has it stood the test of time, though, and is it any more than a bit of fluff?

359 Charles is At Home

Charles was determined to run his court completely differently to his father. Controlled, regulated, ordered; an example of a warm, loving and enlightened household that would prove an example of the majesty and stability of his reign.

HiT Bright Star

Jane Campion's Bright Star was released in 2009 and featured on the lives of Fanny Browne and John Keats in the last years of Keat's life. Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishaw do a brilliant job of recreating their lives

358 New Counsels

Was it an 'Eleven years tyranny' or 'Halcyon Days' that followed 1629? Either way, foreign ambassadors were not hopeful of England's future. But Charles first priority was to reduce the Vipers of parliament to submission.