193 The Blood of Innocents

    In 1483, the gates of the Tower of London closed on two innocent and defenceless boys; one, Edward, 12, captured and the other Richard, 10, given up by his mother.Read More

    4.1 – 134 Golden Child Made King

    The reputation of Henry IVth has changed through history – where he’s remembered at all! So we look at that – we are left with those that think Henry wasRead More

    130 Usurpation

    In 1399 Bolingbroke and Richard were locked in a struggle – who would rule England and how.    130 Usurpation   The traditional picture of Bolingbroke is a much laterRead More

    129 Dominion

    At last in 1397 Richard would have felt that he had put his past humiliation from the Appellants behind him. But he was no happier or secure. He gathered hisRead More

    127 The Model of Chivalry

    Henry Bolingbroke, Earl of Derby, son of the most powerful magnate in England, was a golden child blessed with every advantage. While Richard tried to get his royal feet underRead More

    125 Accusatio

    By 1387, it was becoming clear that the Wonderful Parliament of 1385 had not solved the problem. Pressure had been building, and Gloucester, Warwick and Arundel were far from satisfiedRead More