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  1. I am researching descendants of The Tudor’s from Elizabeth 1 reign. Elizabeth 1 had 5 children by Earl of Leicester. I am searching for descendants of those children. Two of them being Francis Bacon his brother the Earl of Essex. Anne Bridgman

    1. Eĺizabeth I had Ni Children! James VI of France became also James I upon Her Death as He inhereted the Crown.

      1. James VI was King of Scotland, Not France. Queen Mary was queen of France due to her marriage to King Francis I of France (House of Valois)

  2. I am number 18 descended from King Henry VII, Ellis Rob Herbert.

    King Henry VII – King of England married Elizabeth of York and had….

    1) Princess Mary Tudor – Queen of France.
    (1496-1533) married Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (c.1483-1545, descended from Edward I), and had …

    2) Lady Eleanor Brandon (1519-1547) married Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland (c.1517-1570, descended from Edward III), and had …..

    3) Lady Margaret Clifford (1540-1596) married Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby (1531-1593, descended from Edward III), and had ….

    4) Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby (c.1559-1594) m. Alice Spencer (1559-1637), and had …

    5) Lady Frances Stanley (1583-1636) m. John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgwater (1579-1649), and had ….

    6) Lady Mary Egerton (c.1608-1659) m. Richard, 2nd Baron Herbert of Chirbury (c.1600-1655, descended from Edward III), and had …..

    7) Hon. Florentia Herbert (d. 1694) m. Richard Herbert of Oakly Park (d. 1676, descended from Edward I), and had …..

    8) George Herbert of Chester (1671-1725) m. Martha Newton (1666-1729, descended from Edward III), and had …..

    9) Francis Herbert of Ludlow (1696-1757) m. Mary Baugh (1694-1751, descended from Edward I), and had ……

    10) Mary Herbert (1718-1766) m. Frederick Cornewall of Diddlebury Hall (1706-1788, descended from Edward III), and had …..
    11) Rev. Folliott Herbert Walker-Cornewall, Bishop of Worcester (1754-1831) m. Anne Hamilton (1755-1795, descended from Edward III), and had …..

    12) Frederick Hamilton Cornewall of Diddlebury Hall (1791-1845) m. Frances Henrietta Caulfeild (1803-1887, descended from Edward III), and had …..

    13) Mary Fanny Cornewall (1833-1918) m. Benjamin Francis Hallowell-Carew (1830-1879, descended from Edward III), and had …..

    14) Frank Murray Maxwell Hallowell Carew m. Edith Gallibrand, and had …

    15) Roy Hallowell Carew m. Lillian Kate Wisby, and had …..

    16) Dorcas Hallowell Carew m. Richard Herbert, and had …..

    17) Michael Herbert m. Morag Mears, and had ….

    18) Ellis Rob Herbert m. Esther Oyelumade, and had ….

    19)Maxwell Herbert, Miles Herbert

  3. Excellent resource – thanks for putting this together! I was showing this to a friend of mine & she was a little confused that there was no line indicating Mary was the child of Henry VIII & Catherine. Is there some meaning behind that indication?

    1. Hi there, and thanks. It would be exciting if there was an implication….but sadly, just incompetence and a missing line! Sorry…

    2. I think there is always a certain amount of confusion,between Mary the first ,ie bloody Mary and Mary queen of scots.

  4. Edward VI is impressive – he looks like he was king until 1554, a year after he died in 1553. Might be typo there, but then again with Tudors and their propaganda – what information can you trust 😉

  5. I am a defendant of the Tudors but don’t have the right to the name because of the prosecution between King Henry 8th. It was changed from Tudor to Tutor.

  6. I have been told that I am a defendant from King Henry VII. I wish my grandmother was still alive so I could ask more questions, all my mom can remember was they had to run for their lives and change their last name from King to Roy and they landed in Nova Scotia before making their way to New Brunswick!

    1. Roy is a variation of Roi. A French and Belgium title of royalty. Like Rex, Ri, Raja, and King, it is a title of monarch. When Henry VIII had his illegitimate son, he was titled, FitzRoy, meaning royal bastard or illegitimate son of the king. Henry VIII’s last name was Tudor, not King.

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