148 Women and 1066, and Marriage

    As far as women were concerned, was 1066 generally a Good Thing, a Bad Thing – or just a Thing? ┬áThat’s the main item of debate this week, along withRead More

    19 Edward the Confessor

    Edward enjoyed one year of independence in 1051-2, before the return of Godwin forced him into humiliating submission. But after Godwin’s death the following year, the rest of his reignRead More

    17 Cnut the Conqueror

              Cnut was pretty much the complete king. Conqueror of the English, ruler of a Scandinavian empire that spanned 4 countries. And a man who knewRead More

    16 Edmund Ironside and Cnut

    In 1012, Aethelred looked down and out. But Svein died, and Edmund Ironside appeared on the scene. Suddenly, Aethelred was a real king and all action, and Cnut was forcedRead More

    2 The Rise of Mercia

    From the 650s, a power begins to emerge in the west midlands – the border people, Mercians

    1.2 Adventus Saxonum

    The traditional story of the arrival of the Anglo Saxons is one of death and destruction, and the catastrophic and complete replacement of a British population by a new GermanicRead More