Roman Bath Museum Discovery

This is the first of three special episodes from the wonderful Roman Bath Museum at Bath. Experts from the museum talk about Bath’s history, from before Rome to Georgian Bath to the current day – and the drama of the rediscovery of the Roman Bath and Temple complex.

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Summer Torchlit evenings 

The summer torchlist evenings sound amazing. The Roman Baths are open late from 16 June to end August until 10pm (last entry 9pm). This historic site takes on a magical atmosphere once the daylight fades, the crowds disappear and the flickering torches are lit. Plus, ticket prices are reduced for evening visitors. You can find out more on the Roman Baths Museum website

Georgian Bath

I am sure there are many programmes on Bath.I chose this one specifically talking about the development of the Royal Crescent and Circus – a development which shows Bath at the height of Georgian mania. As Tony mentioned, the use of open, informal gardens before Royal Crescent demonstrated the move to the Pictaresque style, and the Crescent itself the stern austere Paladian style.

Cutting a dash was obviously the main objective in Bath during days Georgian. Just as a bit of fun, you might like to think of yourself nipping along to do a bit of shopping in your state of the art Sedan chair…

Georgian sedan chairs

The Flavian Head

BATRM_1986_5_14 copyI can’t help think of Curse of the Were Rabbit and Lady Campanula Tottington…is that very wrong of me? Actually of course and super fashionable hair do from the time of Domitian, Emperor from 81 – 96 AD


The rediscovery of the Roman Baths

The Georgians were unaware of what lay beneath their feet, although some bits and pieces kept turning up – including Sulis Minerva’s gilt head. It was not until Major Davis found lead that suspicions began to be raised, and even then uncovering the site took time. Here are too lovely pictures of the Baths as they were uncovered – including the house that stubbornly refused to move, right in the middle of the Great Bath.  The cat looks a bit bored.

Victorian Excavations

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  1. Just goes to show, put a spade in the ground in England and you will likely discover something amazing.

  2. My friend Chris came back from a visit to Great Britain and told me that there’s not a square foot of that island that hasn’t felt the touch of humans.

  3. I fondly remember my visit to the town of Bath when I was in my 20’s. Unfortunately it was a holiday so the museum was closed. So thanks for giving me the inside tour which I missed out on back then. Definitely worth another visit if I find myself across the pond sometime in the future.

    1. Seriously do go if you get the chance; Jane, Izzy (no. 2 daughter) and I had a brilliant weekend. such a lovely city.

  4. Are these special episodes available via any type of podcast feed. I don’t see them on either the members only or regular HOE feeds.

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