TTME English Accents

Are English accents a joy and delight, a sign of rich diversity or irritating and divisive? And what is it about the Midlands that makes everyone think they can ignore it? Luke tells us what you all thought of Ska

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Have a look at this lovely (and brief) YouTube film with a person slipping into different accents – but horror of horrors he misses the East Midlands entirely. One of the Comments was ‘no one gives a &^%* about the Midlands’. So true.

3 thoughts on “TTME English Accents

  1. Let me put forward another topic for you: UK 70’s TV shows.
    I’m serious!
    Are you being served
    Yes, prime minister
    Benny Hill (yes, yes)
    All sorts of detectives
    And lots more – for a guy with no particular reason to be curious about the UK, this was a major draw

    1. Yup, I shall out them on the list! Actually I think others have made the same point. But, sorry, not Benny Hill…just can’t do it….

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