Roifield presents the proposition that Ska is not just important because it’s the one musical form everyone can dance to.

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SpecialsHi all…and welcome to Episode 2, where Roifield uses all his arts and eloquence to persuade David to put a product of the West Midlands into the Cabinet – Ska. If you don’t know what Ska is, follow the Ska wikipedia link – but it’s the musical form that helped racial integration, and more importantly, helped me to dance.

Plus, Fiona does a round up of the debate on 1066 from last week, which is brilliant, thank you Fiona. All agreed that deep pan pizza is…

Well, back to Ska, I say West Midlands but of course it’s a bit more complicated than that, I was simply having a cheap shot at Coventry. Sorry; And here we go with the link to the episode on Acast – but as always you can find it on iTunes and a good podcatcher near you. Acast Things that made England link

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