Some opinions about Henry VIII

    Just a few quotes I have picked up over the last year about Henry VIII. Don’t forget the Henry VIII Poll after the podcast on 15th July. The official oraclesRead More

    TTME Cricket

    The greatest game invented by the human race. An Indian game accidentally invented by the English. A game for heroes. But we are not talking about tiddlywinks here – instead, this weekRead More

    HiT – Zodiac

    Zodiac is a 2007 true crime film directed by David Fincher, and starring Jake Gyllenhall, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey, Jr. It tells the story of the search for the ZodiacRead More

    Roman Bath Museum Day to Day

    The second episode in our series looks at how the Roman Baths operated day to day, the infrastructure and technology, how they were managed, what went on when visitors enteredRead More

    Transcript for Shedcast 29

    Now then, I should start by explaining myself – what on earth do I think I am doing here, producing a Shedcast on a European topic, and such a wideRead More

    History FanGirl Interview

    Hi All A few days ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stephanie, the original History Fangirl. Stephanie talks to people about their favourite places so I, ofRead More

    Anne Askew, Martyr and Author

    Anne Askew – protestant martyr, renaissance writer, woman who refused to submit to the rules of her day, and innocent victim of vicious Tudor politics.

    251 The End of Days

    In 1546, Gardiner and the religious conservatives moved their sights from Cranmer, to the new darling of the evangelical cause – the Queen. Getting evidence from Anne Askew was the keyRead More

    Transcript for HoS 23

    Last time we ended with the conclusion of the Great Cause, and with the proud inauguration of John Baliol as king of Scots in traditional fashion at Scone. King JohnRead More

    HoS 22 The Great Cause - Members Only

    In 1280 there was no sign of anything other than a bright future for Scotland. But the turn of the wheel of fortune was to bring 70 years of struggle.

    Transcript for HoS 22

    But this week here on the exclusive, secretive and slightly nerdy members podcasts, is not about England it is about Scotland. Or well, is it ladies and gentlemen, is it?Read More

    TTME Dunkirk

    Dunkirk is of course very famous…but what was its impact? It was just the escape from a series of hideous defeats wasn’t it, best forgotten… The Battle of Dunkirk was a military operationRead More

    TTME English Accents

    Are English accents a joy and delight, a sign of rich diversity or irritating and divisive? And what is it about the Midlands that makes everyone think they can ignoreRead More

    TTME Ska

    Roifield presents the proposition that Ska is not just important because it’s the one musical form everyone can dance to.   Hi all…and welcome to Episode 2, where Roifield usesRead More

    Things that made England

    Things that made England is a podcast, an affectionate meandering through the high ways and by ways of England and the English, the country that, despite all temptations, we bothRead More


    The Shedcasts are episodes for my Members of the History of England. The topics will vary over the weeks and months, but I promise will always be topics that fire my enthusiasmRead More

    History of England

    I’ve loved and lived with the story of the history of the English for as long as I can remember. This is my retelling of that story, in a regular,Read More

    History of Scotland

    The History of Scotland podcast follows Maria’s advice, and starts at the very beginning, with northern Britain in prehistoric times. And then we sweep all the way through Scotland’s glorious history – theRead More

    Britain and the Sea

    The history of England would be impossible without the sea. This podcast is an occasional series – a chance for me to cover the some of the outrageous stories of derring-do,Read More

    History in Technicolour

    Wolf and David explore the history films we love or (or sometimes, films we’d loved just a little less but find interesting). Turns out we like different things…anyway, then weRead More

    Roman Bath Museum Discovery

    This is the first of three special episodes from the wonderful Roman Bath Museum at Bath. Experts from the museum talk about Bath’s history, from before Rome to Georgian Bath toRead More

    250 Catherine and Anne

    In 1545 the struggle between conservative and evangelical, between mumpsimus and sumpsimus grew more intense as Catherine Parr’s household shed an evangelical light over the court. And into this situation cameRead More

    Transcript for Sea 2

    Hello everyone and welcome to Britain and the Sea 2 – Eustace, which sounds like a great name for a band. Last time we had a super-fast catch up onRead More

    248 To Arms!

    In 1544 Henry traveled to France and hauled himself into the saddle for his last chance to emulate Henry V. A little like his predecessor, he was also investing in a royal Read More

    249 Knaves I Cannot Rule

    It’s time for a naval encounter, marked by the sinking of the Mary Rose, and then we set the scene for the cut-throat politics of the last years with Richard Rich,Read More

    Transcript for Sea 1 Origins

    Now look, you might well ask me why on earth I am producing another strand in the shedcasts, and why on earth on the sea. And it is a goodRead More

    HoS 21 Prudent as a Serpent - Members Only

    The reign of Alexander III (1249 – 1286) was a golden era of political stability, the apogee of the Canmore dynasty, and a time of continuing expansion with the Treaty of PerthRead More

    Sh 27 Norfolk and Son - Members Only

    Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk was a central figure in Henry VIII’s reign – what made him tick? His son, Henry Howard, was one of England’s most important poets, and bit ofRead More

    Online Great Books

    A great way to learn the books that changed history – and a 25% discount for History of England listeners

    247 Queen Catherine the Third

    The arrival of Catherine Parr (and family) and preparations for war in France. And rather a lot of digressions. Transcript Last week I mentioned that after his despair at CatherineRead More

    246 A Rough Wooing

    In 1542, Henry’s sought war with France; but before that, he must make sure his northern borders were safe. So began the Rough Wooing, as Henry sought to bring a Pro-EnglishRead More

    245 The Prebendaries Plot

    In 1543 religious conservatives were in the ascendant, dominated the aristocratic Privy Council and a wave of prosecutions for heresy followed. When some of Archbishop Cranmer’s own parishioners  of Kent soughtRead More

    Transcript for HoS 20

    Last week, the illness and death of Henry II brought to William the Lion the prospect of a new attitude towards Scotland from south of the border – what wouldRead More

    Transcript for HoS 19

    Over the next 3 episodes we are going to hear about the remaining Canmore kings, from Malcolm IV who came to the throne at the age of 12 in 1153,Read More

    Treaty of Falaise, 1174

    The Treaty of Falaise would later be by English kings to assert overlordship over Scotland

    244 No More Time to Dance

    Catherine had made a decent start of being queen. And it was really in no body’s interest to reveal her old life. But dangers and memories were all around –Read More