HiT Lady Jane

    Lady Jane was the first leading role for a very young Helena Bonham Carter, and a film debut for the renowned theatre director Trevor Nunn. Plus its an amazing story. So,Read More

    Eleanor 3 Education - Members Only

    As a child growing up in the Ducal household, Eleanor would have been presented to the noble families she would know for the rest of her life Transcript I’ve blathered on aboutRead More

    264d Rebel Queen 5 Resistance

    Northumberland made good speed towards East Anglia and Mary, and his army swelled with troops and artillery. But in London, the mood was ugly, and Mary was having some success too.Read More

    264c Rebel Queen 4 War

    Mary’s letter of 10th July brought home an uncomfortable truth that Northumberland had expected to avoid – that Jane must fight for her crown. If an army could be found ToRead More

    Books for Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Here is a very short booklist for Eleanor enthusiasts who would like to go to the horse’s mouth   Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France, Queen of England. Ralph Turner,Read More

    Rebel Queen

    Rebel Queen – podcasts, games and prizes!

    Transcript for Eleanor 1

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first of a brand new shiny series – a serialised biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine. A series I have failed continually to produce.Read More

    263 The Devise

    Edward VI’s ‘Devise for the Succession’ would plunge England into turmoil. Was it his own work, or was it the work of a manipulative and power hungry Northumberland? Here’s what happened.Read More

    William the Marshal

    William the Marshal (c.1146-1219) (don’t shout at me about the ‘the’. William THE Marshall. Winnie THE Poo. This is the way life is for me) was a younger son ofRead More

    Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Eleanor of Aquitaine (c1124-1204) can be counted one of medieval Europe’s the most powerful women. We love Eleanor’s story because of its extraordinary variety, but also because she defied theRead More

    262 Northumberland

    John Dudley, as Duke of Northumberland for a while dominated the King’s Council – and was a man with the imagination to change the rules. And the Edwardian Reformation continued,Read More

    HiT The Last Emperor

    The story of PuYi the Last Emperor of China is the MOST sumptuous of films, beautifully shot, it’s an extraordinary story, and the history it passes through is fascinating. WasRead More

    Transcript for HoS 30

    Let us start with a very famous quote. This appears in the excellent Fordun chronicles, probably in the 1380s. Fordun is describing all the inhabitants of Scotland. The manners andRead More

    261 The Trouble with Mary

    In 1550 Edward’s views on reformation began to harden – and brought him into conflict with his sister. Under pressure from King and Council, Mary decided that she must fleeRead More

    TTME Queuing

      The English queue even in a crowded bar, when the casual observer might see no physical evidence. But is this any different to the Canadians, or Singaporeans, both highRead More

    260 A Double Coup

    Somerset came away from the Commotion Time with a wobbly reputation. Could he survive politically ?   Transcript Let me take you to London. The year is 1548, about aRead More

    HiT A Bridge Too Far

    Once you’ve watched A Bridge too Far, you realise that you have just been playing with history movies. This film sets out its stall to tell you everything you everRead More

    Transcript for Sea 4

    Hello everyone and welcome to the Shedcast Britain and the Sea number 4 – Pirates and Privateers. It has been a while since we have been to the seaside, andRead More

    259 The Time of Camps

      1549 was a year of upheaval which led to rebellions which offer a fascinating window into English society. It also  saw the publication of the Book of Common Prayer,Read More

    HiT The Madness of King George

    Alan Bennett’s play and film is a triumph on so many levels – it’s sensitivity towards mental health, the rehabilitation of the character of a king from unfair historical judgement,Read More

    HiT Braveheart

    I, David Crowther, have managed to get to 54 without seeing Braveheart ended to end. I thought I cannot do this podcast without watching it. Find out if that proved aRead More

    258 Protector Somerset

    Somerset was an effective soldier, and as uncle to the king he seemed like an ideal choice as Protector. Would he prove an effective political? Good Duke, Bad Duke or justRead More

    TTME Fashion

      England has had a reputation for a certain kind of traditional fashion (suits, boots and so on) for a while, but in the 60’s English Fashion surprised the world.Read More

    Transcript for HoS28

    Back in the mists of time then, we left Scotland in a bit of a pickle. Although Edward III of England had sworn through gritted teeth to give up anyRead More

    Geronimo An American Legend

    The 1993 film which tries to present a balanced picture of Geronimo and his armed resistance – through the eyes of a young US army officer. Geronimo: An American Legend covers justRead More

    TTME Magna Carta

    Magna Carta has a reputation as one of the foundational documents in the development of the rights of the individual and in limiting he powers of monarchs. What does it actuallyRead More

    256 The Boy King

    Poor Edward’s reign tends to be ignored, sandwiched as it is. This week we pay it proper respect – what has history had to say of the lad, what were theRead More